Below is a list of venue exclusive service partners:


Events DC has an exclusive partnership with Ticketmaster to provide ticketing services for all Stadium-Armory campus events. All ticket sales for events at these venues must be processed through Ticketmaster. A Facilities Maintenance Fee will be added to the face value of each ticket sold. Fees are $2.25 for events at RFK Stadium and $1.25 for events at all other venues.


Events DC has an exclusive partnership with Centerplate/NBSE to provide food and beverage services for all Stadium-Armory events. Centerplate is the largest hospitality partner to North America's premier sports stadiums, convention centers and entertainment venues.


Pepsi Cola, Inc.

Events DC has an exclusive pouring rights partnership with Pepsi Beverages Company to provide all non-alcoholic beverage products on the Stadium-Armory campus.

U Street Parking

Events DC has an exclusive partnership with U Street Parking to provide parking for all events on the Stadium-Armory campus. Public commuter parking is available in Lot 3 Monday through Friday for $7.